What People Are Saying

“Highly recommended to test yourself!”

I have spent a number of years watching television programs on survival and collecting items which have been advertised as Survival items. I had never attempted to survive in the outdoors on limited supplies and equipment and was of the opinion that it was not that difficult as task as a result of how it is portrayed on TV. I have now attempted to survive tow days in the outdoors and I have discovered I am a sofa survivalist. However, I now feel better prepared should a survival situation arise as a result of the guidance and instruction I received while on this course. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would highly recommend this course to any person that is willing to test themselves.

Luke King

“Physically and mentally challenge, but rewarding.”

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2-day introduction to survival skills course. It was both a genuinely tough physical and mental challenge as well as a highly rewarding personal experience. If you want to get to grips with some basic skills which you would need to survive in the wild, while immersing yourself in some of the wonderful nature we have in this country, all the while challenging your physical and mental skills, I would highly recommend it.

Muiris O Fiannachta

“Awesome course and I really enjoyed!”

The course was brilliant, handled extremely clever, working on mixture of physical and mental endurance.

I thoroughly enjoyed all of it, some parts seemed hard, like I found the cold water uncomfortable  but knowing that it would only last for a particular time it became ok somehow.

Keeping up the moral was our main survival tool i think and made it all quite possible. Talking about anything and everything prevented long thinking sessions.

You guys were great, thanks a lot for all things we learned.

Ben Van Deventer

“Fantastic experience and challenges!”

I didn’t know what was ahead when I signed my brother and myself up for the 2-day survival course. I quickly realised what a great decision it was! The course boasted many unknowns and a fantastic opportunity to get to know yourself, get back to nature and to learn skills when stripped of all the basics! Highly recommend the course to anyone looking for a challenge and the willingness to push yourself. Thanks again to the 2 Instructors who are full of knowledge and fantastic motivators!

Peter Losberg

“Encouraging and great!”

Excellent course complete with a lot of challenges, both mental and physical as well as team work and working in pressured situations. Both instructors were thorough, engaging, encouraging and very helpful. Would recommend to anyone wanting to break out of the concrete jungle and into the wild.

Darragh O’Laoghaire

“Excellent and unbelievable experience!”

Excellent place to challenge yourself, unbelievable experience and adventure highly recommend. Very professional instructors, definitely coming back.

Richie Szulc Ryszard

“A true test of will and determination.”

This course is exactly as described – a Survival Course. It will test the individuals will and determination. Merely showing up, hoping that you will learn fore and shelter would be a negative view to have.

Vinnie Mooney

Advanced Courses

A review of the 3 day SERE Course. As regards SERE skills, the course included all you would expect and more … I don’t want to spoil the surprises!!!

I found the course highly rewarding. It was fun, it was difficult, it was challenging. I was constantly challenged to find solutions to changing circumstances and to improve my situation.

It built my confidence in myself. It put me in situations where I was wet, tired and hungry and had to think my way around problems. It encouraged me to adapt, improvise and overcome. If you like physical activity, the outdoors and are interested in personal development, self-awareness, and have the ability to compartmentalize and put aside difficulties in order to achieve your objectives, this course is for you. The misery involved in the course includes being hungry, damp, cold, tired and not knowing what’s going to happen next, but the discomfort involved pales in comparison to the high you get from completing it.

The staff were unbelievably professional. I could not believe the level of planning and service provided for in this course. Even when asked to accomplish difficult tasks I felt safe due to the professionalism of the staff running the course, and also knew even if I couldn’t immediately see the reason for doing something it was being done for a specific reason to achieve a specific learning outcome.

But be warned, this course is not for everyone; there is no point doing it if it’s not for you. It’s not a course to be endured but one to be enjoyed, it’s a fun course where you learn a lot about yourself and how you handle adversity. It’s one of the most enjoyable things I’ve ever done but I can’t exactly explain why… I guess it’s for people looking for something else….my only problem now is …. I want more!!!

Brian Fitzgerald

You think you’re tough enough? Well this is your opportunity to prove it!

Alun Rolph