Outdoor Adventure Events

We are delighted to present the Outdoor Adventure Programme 2022. The events will be fun, educational and challenging. Each day takes the format of a spots day / field day with multiple activities and lessons based on outdoor adventure and outdoor skills.

Our events can be run an any location including school grounds and parks.

We have designed a curriculum of activities that will be delivered over three training blocks of 2 hour 30 minute duration. There are clearly defined goals and learning objectives for each block of activities. The challenges and content is designed to be age appropriate and allow for future progression and development of the skills taught.

The theme of the events are “Urban Outdoor Adventure” and focus on five strands:

  • Challenge
  • Activities
  • Team Work
  • Culture
  • Nature


The Urban Outdoor Adventure programme is run by some of the most experienced instructors in Ireland.

Day one

  • Survival / Camping skills.
  • Fire
  • Shelter
  • Team games

Day 2

  • Survival / camping skills
  • Orienteering
  • Team games

Day 3

  • Challenge Day!
  • Team challenges
  • Individual challenges

Detailed Overview.

Each day we have a fun packed experience focusing on education, understanding and group involvement.

Day One

Students learn Wilderness Survival skills. The lessons will be based on theory and practical skills.

Survival priorities are explained to the group – Fire, Shelter, Water and Food.

Wilderness cooking and fire.

Teams are given a health and safety brief on fire and safety

Students will discuss the need for fire and fire danger. The group will then be shown innovative fire starting technique and will be allowed practice fire starting with three methods.

  • Flint and steel
  • Water proof matches
  • Fire by friction

A demonstration of four cooking methods will be shown to the students and a hands on practical will take place.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the fire triangle.
  • Understand basic fire safety.
  • Understand the difference between tinder, kindling and fuel
  • Understand why to cook food.
  • Students will be able to discuss three ways to cook food in the wilderness.


Survival priorities are explained to the group – Fire, Shelter, Water and Food.

The group will be instructed about the 5 methods of heat loss. The group will be instructed on the reasons for needing shelter before being given an opportunity to practice the following

  • Debris Shelter
  • Bottie Shelter.
  • Survival Bag
  • Foil blanket.

The group will demonstrate how to effectively use three survival items to create a shelter.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the reason for Shelter.
  • Understand the methods of heat loss.
  • Understand hypothermia and Hyperthermia (basics)
  • Understand prioritising and minimise heat loss in a wilderness environment

Day 2

Map Reading

Orienteering / Treasure hunt.

The aim of the lesson is to give the students an understanding of Orienteering as a sport. This will give an understanding of the compass and a series of practical navigation excersises.

Lesson 1. How does a compass work?

  • Part of a compass
  • Magnetic north
  • True north
  • Explain how to follow a bearing

Challenge activities

Students will put the theory into practice by following a compass bearing. This will be

Learning outcomes

  • List the parts of a compass
  • Follow a bearing
  • Understand the difference between true north magnetic north and grid north
  • Define what a map is
  • Follow a map and locate points on it
  • Understand the rules for orienteering

Cost: From €15 per child.

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